Mother’s Day: 5 Gift Ideas To Express Your Love For Mom

Mother’s Day: 5 Gift Ideas To Express Your Love For Mom

Although there is no agreement around the world when to celebrate Mother’s Day, most of countries do indeed observe it. Depending on where you are in the world, the celebrations may have different origin stories, most of them however, do circle around religion. In the UK, the tradition of the Mothering Sunday comes from honoring the Mother Church and is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in lent, which means it is on a different date every year.

In the United States it is always the second Sunday in May. It was established by Anna Jarvis as a day of worship at her episcopal church in West Virginia, which is now known as the International Mother’s Day Shrine. People on that day were supposed to revere their own mothers and visit the sermon. This lovely sentiment however, turned into huge profit for the greeting card industry.

In Sweden the Mother’s Day falls down on the last Sunday of May. It is said that the decision about the later date was made in order to make it possible for children to pick fresh flowers for their moms. And of course, people could go for a picnic. Kids used to do all the house chores on that day, as it was the mothers doing everything around the house all year round in the olden days. Now, the moms are taken out on a picnic, for dinner or to a spa to be pampered all day.

It is important to remember that a present for a mother for the Mother’s Day should definitely not be a kitchen appliance or a new vacuum cleaner. It should be something personal that she doesn’t need but would love to have. Here are some suggestions from our stock:

Rose Quartz Drop pendant – to add some elegance to her favorite outfit.

Amethyst Morse Code Crystal Bracelet – to give your mom a loving message she will always have with her.

Tiger Eye Morse Code Crystal Bracelet – a morse code message to your mom.

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